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feature extraction: SIFT-algorithm and its source code

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Several modern feature detection algorithms use Gaussian scale spaces in order to locate scale-invariant and rotationally invariant feature points in an image, including the. Re: feature extraction: SIFT-algorithm and its source code In reply to this post by Michael Alex Hi, the SIFT feature extraction depends on some libraries, most importantly mpicbg as pointed out.

You can probably find implementations of SIFT in both C++ and Matlab, unless you must implement it yourself. The bottom line is that, although the algorithm is pretty simple, it's only simple if you understand the underlying image processing algorithms.

SURF: FEATURE DETECTION & DESCRIPTION, Q4 1 Study group SURF: Feature detection & description Jacob Toft Pedersen [email protected] Abstract—A technical report on Feature detection and implementing the Speeded-Up Robust Features(SURF) algorithm.

Index Terms—SURF, SIFT, feature detection, feature description, integral image F Fig. 1. SIFT algorithm, one of the most popular algorithms in the description and matching of 2D image featurehas been used to output key point descriptors of these input images.

Later on these descriptors have been used as input of SIFT matching algorithm and output matched images along with sound files.

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